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Gary "Chris" Christopherson

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Helping you and your community meet needs to survive and thrive

The Thrive! System

Persons and communities in micro-moments and macro-moments need to think, obtain information, learn, develop, buy, sell, connect, seek positive, avoid negative, feel better, go, fix, see, hear, smell, touch, taste, communicate, create, solve, build and/or achieve.

The Thrive! System helps provide everything, using Internet and what it accesses and connects together, that a person, a community and world want and need to survive and thrive.

It helps think, integrate and go beyond the combined usability, capability and value of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Siri, Cortana, Watson, YouTube, Snapchat, Booking, Pinterest, Amazon, Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, etc.

New Book: The Thrive! System

The Thrive! System - Achieving Thriving Future For All. System for people and communities to help achieve thriving future for all. Available via or as free download.

The Thrive! System book

The Thrive! System is an "all people and world" approach, an "all survive and thrive" approach for all people and world, and an "all forever" approach for all people and world.

Everything for a person, a person's family and friends, a community and the world that does no harm and helps surviving and thriving near and long term.

The Thrive! System
The Thrive! System - detailed system
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The Thrive! System

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